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TurboPower Viet Nam Co., Ltd 

Turbcharger - Repair services and Parts supply

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 Products and services:
 - Supplying spare-parts for all kind of Turbocharger
 - Inspection, repair and overhaul all kind of the turbocharger.
 - Dynamic balancing all rotor-shaft complete up 10000 Kgs

- Micro blasting service

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The Company :

TurboPower Executive Summary

The Company : 

        TurboPower Pte Ltd, incorporated on 11 May 2004 in Singapore. The corporation of the company is to set up a service workshop specialize in servicing & repairing of all type of diesel engine TurboCharger inclusive of dynamic balancing and precision repair works. 

An investment license (719/GP-HCM) under 100% percent foreign investment was issued on 26 Oct 2004 to the company for official operation of the business in VetNam. On the 19/07/2010. Our company had register again the license with number : 411043001374 by Committee of HCM city


            On 01 Jan 2011, The corporation of the company is to set up next service workshop in Shanghai, China with modern balancing machine.


 Capabilites :

            - We are capable of carry-out the service job as maker’s requirement by the support of working instruction and technical information.

            - We also have qualify engineer with 20 years of experiences in TurboCharger services.  

Our clients :

            TurboPower is very proud of its famous and prestige in turbocharger repair brand in Viet Nam, Singapore and Shanghai, China. Our best clients in many years likes VOSCO, VITRANSCHART, VINALINES SHIPPING, PVTRANS, BASON Shipyard, Pha Rung Shipyard, VINASHIN SHIPPING, AMATA POWER PLANT


Company Values : 

T : Turbocharger Service                    - We provide express service as customer requirements.

P: Professional service                       - We provide professional advise to customer requirements.

L: Low cost service                            - We provide low cost for customer requirements.



TurboPower Viet Nam Co., Ltd

Address : 41 street No 6, Phuoc Kien Residental , Nha Be District , Ho Chi Minh City , VietNam 


Mr. Tony Chánh - Services Dept

Mobile: (+84) 989 012 192 (Zalo, WhatApps, Wechat)

mail : tonychanh@turbopower.com.vn


Ms. Nancy Phúc - Purchasing Parts

Mobile : (+84) 989 012510 (Zalo, WhatApps, Wechat)

mail : nancyphuc@turbopower.com.vn



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